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Cathe Exercise Downloads and Mobile Workouts

All of my workout DVDs are now available on this site as a digital download and are designed to be transferred to your computer, phone or tablet and then played on your TV. Each of the exercise video files are around 1.5 GB in size to maximize quality, so make sure you have plenty of hard disc space on your computer and have a high speed internet connection. Don’t forget to read our terms and conditions.

I hope enjoy your new mobile workouts – Cathe Friedrich.

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Our New Cathe Live Downloads!$9.97 each

Previously only available through our streaming site, Cathe Live workouts are now able to be purchased and downloaded for viewing anytime, anywhere, regardless of your network connection! Just download and watch on your computer, phone, tablet or television; there's no easier way to watch Cathe Live workouts!'

How to Claim Your 2023 Video Pre-Order Downloads

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If you purchased your 2023 video downloads during the pre-sale, visit the "How to Download" page by clicking here. Use your Download Code (sent to you via e-mail) to receive your videos!

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Downloading on iOS 13+

With Apple's iOS 13 and above on iPhones, iPods, and iPads, you can download directly onto your device without having to first download to your computer and then use iTunes to transfer the file. Watch our tutorial video or read our instructions here to find out how.


Shop by Series

You can shop by and purchase individual exercise downloads from any of our workout fitness programs listed above including our new Low Impact series. Our downloads offer the Worldwide advantage of instant delivery, no shipping fees or import taxes, and can easily be taken with you on your iPod, iPad, iPhone, or Android phone.

Shop by Exercise Download Category

Select any of the workout video categories above to quickly find the exact exercise video download you’re looking for. You can play any of our exercise downloads on your computer using iTunes and with our detailed chaptering you can easily and quickly go to the exact part of each video exercise download you wish to view. Prefer to watch on your TV? Just hook your iPhone or like device to your TV or stream your exercise downloads using Apple TV.

Over 700 Workout Downloads Available

Our fitness video download library contains over 700 fun and challenging workout videos to help you get the results you are looking for. Our workout video downloads are known for their outstanding chaptering that give you more control and workout options than other exercise video downloads.

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Exercise Downloads

For over twenty years we have been known for producing the highest quality fitness and workout videos in the industry. We offer one of the largest privately held fitness libraries in the world with over 700 fun and challenging workout videos and downloads to help you get the results you are looking for. You will surely find what you’re looking for in the wide variety of workout downloads we offer.

Our exercise download site features every workout Cathe has done on DVD in a digital file MP4 file format that you can easily download, transfer to an IPod or like device, and then play on your Tv. And just like our DVDs each download comes with the same Chapter Menu chapter points as all of our DVDs do. This means you can quickly and easily select where you want to go in nearly all of our workout digital downloads.

Another great feature of our downloads, unlike many of our DVDs, is that you can purchase individual workouts and you don’t have to purchase the workouts you don’t want. You can even purchase individual ab workouts, like Ab Circuits-No Equipment for only a few dollars or any STS individual video for the low price of $9.97 each.

Downloading Cathe Digital videos is a simple and easy to understand process. All you have to do is first purchase your video clips from our site. We will then send you a link with instructions on how to download your files (make sure to use a land connection, not wireless to download). After downloading you simply transfer your video file to your iPod, iPhone or like device. Then connect your device to your Tv and enjoy your workout.

If you’re new to downloading files from the internet onto your computer or playing downloaded videos on your computer or device, then take the time to browse our helpful PDF tutorials. Click “View Tutorials” to begin. It may seem like a lot of instructions, but that is only because we have tried to cover most of the major models of IPods and like devices in our tutorials.

Also, all of our downloads may also be purchased as DVDs by going to our main site at