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STS Total Body Workout Download

STS Total Body Workout Download $19.97

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Length: Total Body 1:06:46, Compound Back – 4:34, Compound Chest/Shoulders – 7:06

File Size: Total Body – 923.4MB, Compound Back – 63.2MB, Compound Chest/Shoulders – 98.2


STS Total Body is a 66 minute total body program designed to work all of your upper and lower body muscles in just one workout….PLUS, you’ll be using weights that are about 60 to 80 percent of your one rep max. But if you don’t feel like doing the math, just make sure that your selected weight for each exercise challenges you so much that you are fighting to finish your last couple of reps in every set.

STS Total Body features both compound and isolation exercises, but to keep the workout as short as possible, the greatest emphasis has been put on the multi-joint compound exercises and the isolation exercises have been kept to a minimum. But don’t be fooled, by that word minimum because everything about this workout is maximum….maximum intensity, maximum variety and maximum results!!!

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