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Lower Body Blast Exercise Download

Lower Body Blast Exercise Download $19.97

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Length: Lower Body Blast – 59:38, Leg Drills – 17:00

File Size: Lower Body Blast – 824.6MB, Leg Drills – 235.9MB


Lower Body Blast is a 59 minute workout that has a great mix of both classic and new exercises, effectively sequenced, to keep the fat burning and muscles responding. There is simply no lower body muscle that is overlooked or underworked in this challenging, lower body weight training program.

This unique program starts off with a warm up and brief, energetic, cardio workout to get your body in fat burning mode. Then you’ll continue on with intense lower body exercises, sprinkled with fat burning cardio blasts throughout, to really shape and define your thighs and glutes! We’ve even included a bonus toning bar segment that can be used with our Turbo Tower, or even a chair, for highly effective results.

Enjoy doing this workout one or two times per week on non-consecutive days.

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