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Body Blast Series – Kick, Punch & Crunch Workout Video Download

Body Blast Series – Kick, Punch & Crunch Workout Video Download $11.97

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Length: 67 Minutes

File Size: 886 MB


This workout is 68 minutes long. It starts with a warm up of 7 minutes and gradually moves into a faster paced warm up which I refer to as intermediate intensity (since it really starts to pick up the intensity toward the end of it). After the 13 minute mark, you will really kick it up to high intensity levels for another 20 to 25 minutes. During this time you will be doing kickbox conditioning drills which are put in an interval style format of pushing hard, recovering briefly and pushing hard again. This segment is mostly high impact, however, there are also some high intensity low impact drills included (the last drill, one of the hardest, is HIGH intensity, LOW impact, at its best,….Hammer Punch with a drop lunge into a Knee Smash….24 per side, yikes). After this segment, you are good and fried, however, the show must go on You/we will then do three punching and kicking combinations. Each one consists of a punching combination (ex: double jab high, double jab low, a triple jab/cross/jab and then a cross punch with hesitation), followed by a kicking combination (ex: knee chamber, into roundhouse kick, into drop squat back, into jump roundhouse kick forward). This segment also keeps the heart rate up because each combination features jump kicks. Now we move on to ab work on the stability ball. We will do crunches, wood chops with weight (optional), and pikes with knee rolls. Finally, its time to enjoy a nice relaxing stretch with a soothing Asian melody. By the way, the other parts of the soundtrack are all instrumental with a strong downbeat to suit the mood of the movement. I brought the ever so motivating song “I WANNA ROCK” into this workout and you will hear it on your first punck/kick combination. Get ready to SWEAT!!!!!


Warm- up 7 min., Intermediate intensity drills 7 ½ min., High intensity drills 18 min., Combo #1 8 min., Combo #2 7 min., Combo #3 6 min., Stability ball abs 7 min., Stretch 5 ½ min., Total = 68 min

Equipment Needed:

no equipment is needed to do this workout except for a stability ball for the Ab section.

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