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Cross Fire

Cross Fire $19.97

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CrossFire: Are you looking to burn fat, crush calories, and build lean muscle? Are you willing to sweat, burn and be breathless? Get ready to get ignited because you’re about to embark on a fitness and metabolic conditioning workout like no other. Right out of the gate you’ll start with high intensity cardio intervals that will leave your heart pounding with pleasure. Then you’ll take your heart rate to a whole new breathtaking level with our Firewalker tabata blast before moving into the metabolic conditioning circuit. And just to be sure that you are totally FINISHED, there is a plyo-based tabata waiting for you at the end! To make CrossFire even more versatile, we’ve included numerous premixes (ie: including a low impact tabata) to give you options that are best suited for you on any given day. So whether you’re pushing it up, squatting it down, sliding it left or jumping around, you’ll still be burning calories long after any one of these workout options are done.

Format: Warm-Up (6:30), Fitness Blast (8.50), Firewalker Tabata (4:55), Circuit Blast (22.45), Plyo Tabata (5:20), Stretch (6:45) – Total Time 55:05

Premixes: This DVD features 12 Premixes. Click on the Premix tab above for more details.

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