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Step Boss 3 Workout Bundle

Step Boss 3 Workout Bundle $49.97

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Fall in Love with Fitness Again

The Step Boss workout series is designed for the advanced exerciser and is comprised of three step workouts that will challenge your muscles and cardio endurance with fun new, energetic routines! While all of the routines are step based, they follow different formats for three totally different types of a challenge!

When you truly enjoy your workouts you’re more likely to stick to your exercise routine and to reach your fitness goals. I’ve created Step Boss to bring back the joy of fitness so that you can fall in love with fitness again and once again look forward to your workouts. Isn’t that the way it should be?

About my Three New Advanced Step Boss Workouts


This high energy, solid low impact DVD keeps you moving from beginning to end! Prepare to do ten intense cardio step rounds with little rest in between. You’ll start each round with a mini step combination which will be repeated six times. Each mini step combo will then be followed by a low impact, high intensity cardio blast on the step to keep your heart pumping throughout the routine! This pattern will repeat itself for the duration of the workout. On your mark, get set, go for it!

IMAX4 Details

  • Warm Up – 5:49
  • Main Program – 35:39
  • Stretch – 3:08
  • Total – 44:36


PHA3 (Peripheral Heart Action) by design is comprised of alternating upper and lower body exercises which allows one half of the body to rest while the other half works. In this workout we’ll follow that pattern but with an additional increase in cardio factor throughout the routine due to the exercise selections being more metabolic in nature along with them being performed at an overall faster pace. Additionally, there are more compound exercises, elevation changes and balance challenges within this workout. Expect to sweat and burn as you put your strength and stamina to the test!

PHA3 Details

  • Warm Up – 5:24
  • Main Program – 45:20
  • Stretch – 4:11
  • Total – 54:41


If you love step choreography, Step Sync is for you! This routine is entirely choreographed from start to finish. The workout consists of three intricate step combos, a finished product segment and a cool down stretch. Become your own “step boss” as you learn, build and master three advanced combinations before putting them all back-to-back with no breakdown! But no worries, you’ll have plenty of practice before you put them all together and you’ll feel so accomplished after you do. Not feeling quite ready to dive in yet? Not a problem! Try the 21 minute intermediate bonus step workout to build your confidence as you work your way up to Step Sync. You’ve got this!

Step Sync Details

  • Warm Up – 7:31
  • Main Program – 46:10
  • Stretch – 2:26
  • Total – 56:09

Included Bonuses

  • Bonus Intermediate Step – 21:16
  • Bonus Ab Stacker – 9:30
  • Bonus Abs #2 – 55:04
  • Extended Chair Stretch – 16:07
  • Extended Lying Stretch – 9:59

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