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Butts and Guts Workout Video Download

Butts and Guts Workout Video Download $14.97

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Length: 79 Minutes

File Size: 1070 MB


78 min. advanced, super thorough, super effective, lower body solution. If you’re looking for results delivered in a fun new way, then you’ll love this workout. Not only is it very comprehensive, but it has a great mix of old and new exercises – effectively sequenced – to keep the fat burning and muscles responding.


Warm-Up – 6 min
Standing Glute Work –31 min.
Fllor Work – 19 1/2 min.
Core – 14 min.
Stretch – 8 min.

*Bonus Stability Ball Abs – 15 min and Bonus Lower Body – 6 min video downloads not included

Equipment Needed:

Stability Ball, High Step, light Dumbbells, a weighted barbell, ankle weights and a resistance band.

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