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Watch Cathe Downloads on Your Television

View on Your TV through iPhone/iPad/iPod

To watch your iPad, iPod or iPhone content on your television with a standard HDMI cable, you will have to purchase an optional AV Adapter directly from Apple, the Apple Store or your local electronics retailer that carries genuine Apple products. All current Apple devices will use the Lightning Digital AV Adapter except for the 2018 and above iPad Pro models, which require the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. Here are links to Apple’s website for the different types of cables:

Once you have the cable in your possession, connect the correct end into your iPad/iPod/iPhone and an HDMI cable into the other. Set your television to the correct input and you should be all set!

View on Your TV through Your Android Device

Android phones vary greatly in their ability to view external video and the connection type. Most newer phones will require a USB-C to HDMI Adapter, which will connect to your television in the same manner as described above for Apple devices. However, please consult your phone or tablet’s user guide for specific instructions for your particular device.

Watch on TV through Your Computer

To watch your computer content on your television view the video provided at this link for instructions on using your TV as an external computer monitor: