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Watch videos on your Android Device (Windows)

Note: You will need to have a memory card installed on your Android phone to use the following process.

1. Connect Your Android Phone to Your Windows Computer

Turn your phone on, and when your phone gets to the homescreen, plug in the USB cable that came with your phone to both your computer and phone. Drag down the notifications bar on your phone, and tap the USB Connected option that appears then tap on “Mount”.

2. Navigate to or Create Your Phone’s Movie Folder

On your computer, go to “My Computer,” then navigate to your phone’s memory card, usually “Drive F.” (Another drive will also appear, usually “Drive G,” which is the internal memory on your phone. Just ignore this for now.) If you don’t already have a “Movies” folder at the top level of the card (the files that show up when you first double click on the “Drive F” icon), then create a new folder there and call it “Movies.” This will help to keep your phone organized after you add many videos to it.

3. Copy CatheDownload Videos to your Android Phone

Open the location that you downloaded your CatheDownloads to when you stored them on your computer’s hard drive. Simply drag the videos that you want to watch on your phone from that folder into the “Movies” folder that you created on your phone’s memory card, and they will be copied. When done  copying the videos, right click on both “Drive F” and select “Eject”, then Drive G and select “Eject”. After the icons disappear, you can safely disconnect the USB cable from computer and phone.

4. View on your Android Phone

Before viewing, you will need to have a video player that supports h.264 video installed on your Android phone (there are many excellent players available in the Android Marketplace, some for free such as RockPlayer and Meridian Player). Once you have that installed, you should be able to browse through your videos and play your CatheDownloads!