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XTrain Ride

XTrain Ride $19.97

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You are purchasing a digital download, not a physical DVD.

Ride is the ultimate zero-impact, fat-burning indoor cycle workout. It consists of eleven motivating songs that each take you through a specific riding profile. You’ll start with a warm up, and then depending on the song, you’ll stand, sit and hover your way through various hills, flats, jumps and sprints. You’ll conclude the workout with a relaxing recovery ride before you begin your stretch. Ride burns an unbelievable amount of calories while additionally conditioning your core and lower body. Be sure to have water and a towel handy for this workout. You will need it! I want to remind you to review your bikes owners manual to make sure you know how to adjust your bike so that your ride is more comfortable.


Ill of course be giving form pointers along the way, but its still important that you understand the basic safety rules for your specific bike before attempting this workout.

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