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XTrain Hard Strikes

XTrain Hard Strikes $19.97

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Hard Strikes is an outrageous boxing-infused cardio workout that mixes basic boxing combos with intense cardio work. The punching combos are fun and easy to learn, but by no means easy to do. Some kickboxing is included in this section

but the primary focus is on boxing. Once the cardio segment is complete, you’ll continue with boxing specific conditioning drills that will make you look and feel like a champ. A bonus heavy bag section is included with the premixes for this workout to enhance your boxing experience as well as give you the means to strike even harder and more effectively.


You’ll see us wearing 12 ounce boxing gloves during the entire cardio boxing segment (in addition to the Bonus Heavy Bag section). While it is perfectly fine to do the cardio boxing segment without gloves, I strongly encourage you to wear them. You’ll be amazed at how this ramps up your boxing efficiency and overall workout intensity. As with any workout, you get out of it what you put into it so follow our lead and strike hard!

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