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Travel Fit Workout DVD

Travel Fit Workout DVD $14.97

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Length: 51 Minutes

File Size: 733 MB


Travel Fit is a 51 minute low impact cardio and total body stretch band workout designed to keep you fit anytime you are on the road or just wanting to enjoy a workout that doesn’t require a lot of equipment.

If you think this workout is easy, think again. The only easy thing about Travel Fit is the fact that you only need a resistance band to do it. This workout incorporates challenging and effective isolation exercises, along with compound exercises and brief cardio bursts, to maximize your muscle toning and fat burning benefits. Travel Fit is a total body conditioning workout and even includes Abs. You’ll love how much you get accomplished in just 51 minutes. Its fast, its fun and it works!

Equipment Needed:

You’ll only need a stretch band to do this workout.

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