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056 Totally Toned Legs

056 Totally Toned Legs $9.97

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Get ready to get your legs “bikini ready” with this totally intense leg focused workout. You’ll start with a series of standing leg exercises (both on and off the step) mixed with some paper plate burners followed by floorwork finishers that are named that for a reason, wink! Side Note: The step is used strictly as a sculpting bench…no choreography. We will be up on three risers per side but feel free to modify the step height to suit your level of comfort.

A full-sized step with three risers under each side; Handweights: A set of 10’s 12 and 15’s; One paper plate ( or disc); A fitness mat

57 minutes

*Most Cathe Live download files are between 1 and 3 gigabytes each. Make sure you have enough room on your storage device. **Cathe Live downloads don’t contain chapters or premixes. All sales are final.

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