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The Classics Volume 1 – Step Max Exercise Video Download

The Classics Volume 1 – Step Max Exercise Video Download $6.97

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Length: 58 Minutes

File Size: 796 MB


Step Max is an advanced 60 minute workout that delivers the cardiovascular intensity you’re looking for. The upbeat warm-up is full of variety and prepares you for three challenging step sections that get progressively more intense as the workout continues. The first section is more straight forward and linear using base moves which focus on intensity instead of complexity. The second section introduces a fun and easy to learn combination.

It keeps the intensity going through the use of power moves and a full range of motion. Finally, our third section-Plio Power, gives you the ultimate challenge. It’s loaded with propulsion, plyometric and power moves. It mixes this high intensity with quick and easy recovery movements.

Get ready to sweat!. You’ll love the funky cool down. It’s unique and feels so good after you’ve worked so hard.

Step Max Format:

warm-up 9 min., step aerobics 40 min., step-cool down 7 min

Equipment Needed:

The only equipment needed for this video is a step.

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