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The Classics Volume 1 – Step Heat Exercise Video Download

The Classics Volume 1 – Step Heat Exercise Video Download $6.97

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Length: 58 Minutes

File Size: 808 MB


This is one of Cathe’s most popular step aerobic tapes for people who are new Cathe users. This video is also shorter than Cathe’s typical video and features two advanced step segments. The first one is intense and straight forward. The second one involves more intricate choreography. Both sections will challenge even the most experienced stepper! Repeaters, hops, side steps, turns, T-steps, lunges, straddles…all blended into innovative combinations. The workout concludes with an intense 7 minute abdominal section.

The soundtrack (provided by Musicflex) is a new and refreshing instrumental remix of classic 70’s & 80’s rock music. You’ll here favorites such as “Legs”, “Addicted To Love”, “Show Me the Way”, and “Rock n Roll”.

Step Heat Format:

warm-up 7 min., step aerobics 35 min., cooldown 7 min., abs 7mi., stretch 3 min

Equipment Needed:

The only equipment needed for this video is a step.

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