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STS 2.0 Giant Sets Total Body

STS 2.0 Giant Sets Total Body $19.97

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This intense routine will get your heart pumping as you perform ten weighted exercises back-to-back with very little rest for a total of three sweaty rounds. In your second round, you’ll change things up by performing the ten exercises in a unilateral fashion, working one side at a time. This technique will address any muscle imbalances that you may have between sides. You will get a two-minute break between each round. This is just enough time to get your mind and your muscle ready to push through the next round. This advanced Giant Sets method will leave no muscle group untouched in each sweat-packed round.

Giant Sets Total Body

  • Warm Up – 6:55
  • Main Program – 43:47
  • Total – 50:42

Giant Sets Total Body Preview

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