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STS 2.0 Body Parts Chest + Body Parts Triceps

STS 2.0 Body Parts Chest + Body Parts Triceps $19.97

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This includes two complete single-body part routines. Each of the two workouts, Chest, and Triceps, will stay focused on one single body part to completely fatigue that muscle group. You will hit the muscle from all angles with heavy weighted exercises as well as with exercises that use your own body weight or rubber resistance. Appropriate rest periods will be taken between exercises so that you can maximize the number of heavy reps that you can complete. This type of training allows you to focus entirely on one muscle group to give it the time and intensity that it needs for muscle growth. Bonus exercises are also included for additional workout variety.

Body Parts Chest

  • Warm Up – 4:19
  • Main Program – 32:52
  • Total – 37:11

Body Parts Chest Bonuses

  • Bench Press Drop Set – 2:31
  • Chest Fly Hips and Leg Raised – 1:52
  • Bench Press Hips Raised – 1:52

Body Parts Triceps

  • Warm Up – 4:53
  • Main Program – 31:27
  • Total – 36:20

Body Parts Triceps Bonuses

  • Seated Overhead Extension – 1:33
  • Side Lying Tricep Pushups – 1:59

Body Parts Chest Preview

Body Parts Triceps Preview

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