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STS – Disk #26 – Meso #3 – Plyo Legs Workout Download

STS – Disk #26 – Meso #3 – Plyo Legs Workout Download $9.97

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Length: 46 Minutes

File Size: 709 MB


If you have chosen to do plyo legs in Mesocycle #3, you will use a mix of traditional endurance weight exercises and slow and controlled plyometrics. The plyometrics featured in this STS workout will be done at a slow and controlled pace. Plyometrics are great for developing power and explosive strength.

Equipment Needed:

dumbbells, band, step, chair, paper plate

Summary of Mesocycle #3 – Strength Lower Body

Mesocycle #3, lower body routines, features two different types of leg workouts—plyo legs and squat rack legs—depending on your goals and the exercise equipment available to you. Since most people don’t have a squat rack in their home, this STS mesocycle has been designed for use by people who have a squat rack and by those who don’t. You should select the STS leg routine from this mesocycle that you prefer and can safely do in your own home and then stick with it throughout all four weeks of Mesocycle #3.

In the plyo leg lower body workouts ( 4 DVDs ) you will use a mix of traditional endurance weighted exercises using weights that are about 70% of your 1 RM and slow and controlled plyometrics to develop power and explosive strength. This is the kind of strength that will make you run faster and jump higher. If you prefer a pure strength routine using the same 5% method used in both of Mesocycle #3’s upper body routines, then make sure to select the Optional Squat Rack leg routine DVDs included with this program.

There are two ways to do the optional squat rack workout. The first and preferred way requires a squat rack with safety catches. The other involves wearing a weighted vest and using a short barbell. The advantage of the weighted vest is that it reduces the amount of weight needed on the barbell, allowing you to use a weight that you can safely lift overhead and into position. However, even with a weighted vest you will probably not be able to use a heavy enough weight to give you a true strength workout.

If you happen to have a squat rack with safety catches in your house you will find that this workout will give you a true strength workout for the lower body. Just make sure to use a weight that you can only lift for a maximum of nine times for the first week of the program. If you don’t use a weight that is heavy enough, you will find the rest breaks are too long and the workout will be too easy.

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