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STS – Disk #25 – Meso #3 – Chest & Back Workout Download

STS – Disk #25 – Meso #3 – Chest & Back Workout Download $9.97

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Length: 69 Minutes

File Size: 1020 MB


As mentioned earlier, it is very important to select the correct weight before beginning any of the Mesocycle #3 routines. You want to make sure to select a weight for each exercise that you can only do for about nine reps.

You will do four alternating sets of four chest and back exercises in Mesocycle #3 Chest and Back. The exercises have been arranged in a push (chest) and pull (back) alternating order so that your working muscles will get at least 2 1/2 minutes of rest between sets. With intensities in the 80% to 90% range, it is absolutely necessary to get the proper rest between sets. In STS we have carefully measured the rest periods between sets to match the intensity level of the exercise.

Equipment Needed:

barbell, dumbbells, bench, and incline bench

Summary of Mesocycle #3 – Strength Upper Body

Mesocycle #3, upper body routines (8 DVDs), are focused on developing strength.  You will be lifting a weight that is 80% to 90% of your 1RM during these four weeks. Each week will feature a similar workout for every muscle group with the only change being the intensity and reps for each exercise. Your rep range will be around six to eight reps depending on the week for all of your exercises and because of the increased intensity, you will need a longer rest break between sets of at least 150 seconds, or 2 ½ minutes.

Mesocycle #3 can be found on your DVD discs numbered 25 through 40 and is divided into three muscle groupings with four workouts per grouping:

#1 Chest & Back (discs 25, 28, 31,34)
#2 Plyo Legs (discs 26, 29, 32, 35)
#3 Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps
(discs 27, 30, 33, 36)
#4 Legs – Optional Squat Rack Workout
(discs 37,38, 39, 40)

Though we encourage you to do a 1RM for most of the exercises in the STS program, it is especially important for you to select the proper weight for very exercise in Mesocycle #3. On paper this mesocycle may look boring as you will do the same exercises every single week, but rest assured, this cycle will use what is known as the 5% Method and it is highly effective for developing strength. In just four weeks your strength should increase by 5%.

The 5% Method is a tried and true strength training workout technique that has been around for decades and is the main method used in this third mesocycle . With this method you will select a weight that you can only lift a maximum of nine times for each exercise. You will then do the following program increasing your weight by about 5% and decreasing your reps by one each week until you get to week #4.

Week #1 ……..8 reps……4 sets……80% 1RM
Week #2 ……..7 reps……4 sets……increase weight by 5% from week #1
Week #3……..6 reps…….4 sets…… increase weight by 5% from week #2
Week #4 ……..8 reps……4 sets…… increase weight by 5% from week #1

For week #4 you will go back to doing the same eight reps as you did in week #1, but you will do it with a weight that is about 5% heavier. You should now be about 5% stronger than you were four weeks earlier.

The 5 % Method that is used during Mesocycle #3 works because it utilizes small increases every week that have a cumulative effect over time. An analogy might be to compare this method to the interest a bank pays you on your CD. The interest you earn may not seem like very much when you look at your first bank statement, but after 20 years it really does start to add up. Fortunately, you will not have to wait 20 years to see results with this strength mesocycle. If everything goes as planned you should be 5% stronger within four weeks of beginning Mesocycle #3.

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