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STS – Disk #2 – Meso #1 – Back & Triceps Workout Download

STS – Disk #2 – Meso #1 – Back & Triceps Workout Download $9.97

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Length: 56 Minutes

File Size: 858 MB


Your next workout this week is Back and Triceps (disc #2). In this workout we will introduce you to pull ups (palms aim forward) and chin-ups (palms aim backward). These two exercises strike fear in the hearts of many exercisers, but fear not as there are several alternatives including Cathe’s patent pending Fitness Pull Up and Bench Tower that will allow you to do supine pull-ups/chin ups and double as a bench press rack for your barbell. You can also use inexpensive elastic tubing that can be purchased online or from most fitness stores.

Equipment Needed:

barbell, dumbbells, band, step, stability ball, mat, chair, pull-up bar, or elastic tube

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