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STS – Disk #13 – Meso #2 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps Workout Download

STS – Disk #13 – Meso #2 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps Workout Download $9.97

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Length: 65 Minutes

File Size: 990 MB


Now that you’ve completed your active recovery week, it is time to get busy with some really great and intense hypertrophy workouts. Today’s workout will be the easiest of the four weeks for Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and you will be lifting weights that are 70% of your 1RM and doing three to four exercises per muscle group.

You will normally do three sets for each exercise in this  workout and you will follow a rep pattern of 12 reps for the first set, 10 reps for the second set and 8 reps for the third set. For some exercises you will do four sets and will follow the same rep pattern as I mentioned above for the first three sets, but for the fourth you should do as many reps as possible with good form.

Since this mesocycle uses heavier weights than Mesocycle #1, you will need to rest longer between sets to give your body’s energy systems time to replenish so that they can supply your muscles with the necessary fuel needed to lift heavy weights. That is why the rest periods throughout this mesocycle will generally be about 60 seconds, which is twice as long as the rest periods in the previous muscle endurance workouts.

Summary 0f Mesocycle #2 – Hypertrophy (12 workouts)

Mesocycle #2 (12 workouts) is all about hypertrophy (muscle building and definition). Throughout, you will be lifting a weight that is 70% to 80% of your 1RM. Each week will feature a different workout for every muscle group. Your rep range will be around 8-12 reps for most exercises and because of the increased intensity, you will need a longer rest break of 60 to 90 seconds between sets. Training concepts such as double wave loading and back off sets will be used to push you like never before.

As mentioned before, Mesocycle #2 generally works each body part until completion before moving on to the next body part. As an example, you will do all of your chest exercises before moving on to shoulders. You will then finish all of your shoulder exercises before moving on to triceps and so on.

Mesocycle #2 can be found on workouts 13 through 24 and is divided into three muscle groupings with four workouts per grouping:

#1 Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (discs 13,16,19,22)
#2 Legs (discs 14, 17, 20, 23
#3 Back & Biceps (discs 15, 18, 21, 24)

Just as in the previous mesocycle, you will work each muscle group only once per week for a total of three workouts every week.

Hypertrophy responds best to changes in relative weight and this means you need to constantly change your workout program, which is made possible in STS. This is one of the reasons why the intensity and exercises vary almost every week, keeping your muscles constantly confused and challenged. Little tricks like back-off sets, double wave loading and drop sets are incorporated to further keep your muscles challenged and to avoid plateaus.

Equipment Needed:

barbell, dumbbells, bench or step, chair, stability ball and mat

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