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STS – Disk #12 – Meso #1 – Legs Workout Download

STS – Disk #12 – Meso #1 – Legs Workout Download $9.97

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Length: 54 Minutes

File Size: 830 MB


This is the last workout in this mesocycle and mixes exercises from weeks one, two and three as well as some new ones. You will be using weights that are 70% of your 1RM and this week’s bonus workout will challenge you  in a different way by using a stability ball for your lower body floorwork. After finishing  this workout make sure to take the next week off from STS to enjoy an active recovery week. Try less strenuous activities like walking outside , gentile yoga, recreational tennis or an easy bike ride.

Equipment Needed:

dumbbells, band, high step, stability ball, chair, ankle weights and paper plate

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