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Step Boss IMAX4

Step Boss IMAX4 $19.97

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This high energy, solid low impact DVD keeps you moving from beginning to end! Prepare to do ten intense cardio step rounds with little rest in between. You’ll start each round with a mini step combination which will be repeated six times. Each mini step combo will then be followed by a low impact, a high-intensity cardio blast on the step to keep your heart pumping throughout the routine! This pattern will repeat itself for the duration of the workout. On your mark, get set, go for it!

IMAX4 Details

  • Warm Up – 5:49
  • Main Program – 35:39
  • Stretch – 3:08
  • Total – 44:36

This workout also includes the following bonuses:

  • Bonus Abs #2 – 55:04
  • Extended Chair Stretch – 16:07

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