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009 Senior Fit

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As part of last week’s Cathe Live double header we featured our Senior Fit class that Cathe teaches weekly at her Gym in New Jersey. Participants that take this class range in age from 55 to over 90. Nearly 60 seniors were in attendance for last Thursday’s class proving that fitness truly is important for everyone no matter what their age. Way too often seniors rely on prescriptions and doctors for their ailments, when sometimes the answer and remedy is just a little exercise. Though fitness is important for everyone, it could perhaps benefit seniors the most improving the quality of their daily lives and reducing hospital visits. Our senior fitness program is regarded as one of the best in the country and we thought we would share this special class with you today in hopes that it will encourage other seniors to get started on their own exercise program. Make sure to share this video clip with your elder family members and any senior friends you know.


52 minutes

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