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Ripped with HiiT Plyo HiiT One and Two

Ripped with HiiT Plyo HiiT One and Two $19.97

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Plyo HiiT: Are you ready for take off?! Plyo HiiT includes two supercharged workouts that are sure to keep fat burning for hours after your workout has ended! In Plyo HiiT One periods of intense exercise are followed by very short rests. You’ll keep your muscles engaged and guessing with random interval-to-rest ratios and varied tempos. Plyo HiiT Two utilizes these same principles but takes the workout onto the step. So get ready to take things up a notch (6 to 8 inches to be exact) in Plyo Hiit Two for power packed, high intensity ‘step’ intervals that are sure to keep those hearts pumping!


Plyo HiiT One Workout Details

Warm -Up 5:18

Workout 17:54

Stretch 4:04

Total 27:16


Plyo HiiT Two Workout Details

Warm -Up 4:36

Workout 19:03

Stretch 3:23

Total 27:02

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