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Rhythmic Step Workout Video Download

Rhythmic Step Workout Video Download $10.97

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Length: 63 Minutes

File Size: 868 MB


This refreshingly advanced, all-step workout, is loaded with interesting and unique choreography that will keep you motivated from start to finish.

You’ll begin the workout with a very thorough warm up.  It contains a mini combination, plus a series of dynamic movements to elevate the heart rate and prepare the muscles for the vigorous workout ahead.  The warm up concludes with active stretching.

Next you will start with your first combination, which is a refreshing blend of power and rhythmic dance movement patterns.  This section definitely defines the flavor of the entire workout.

Then you will move on to the second combination, which is a bit longer than the first.  This combination features a fun up and back pattern, as well as the tap hop repeater which we are sure you’ll enjoy.

Then you’ll learn the third combination, which features a tough, yet fun, intensity blast in the middle of the combo.  You’ll be sweating your way through some very unique and energetic movement patterns.  Some feature moves include a hop kick on top with a jack knee exit, a rejuvenated drop squat, pendulum, cha cha mix, and a tap heel shuffle 3 move.

The final cardio section is our special bonus feature…The Rhythmic Step Challenge!   This was unanimously voted “most favorite section”. You’ll be sweating your way through a non-stop, heart pounding zig zag medley of ALL the finished products put together as one long combination.  No breakdown, no stopping, just 100% endless energy!  You’ll love it!

Finally, you’ll conclude with a relaxing stretch.

Rhythmic Step Format:

warm-up 10 min, 1st step aerobics section 11 min., 2nd step aerobics section 14 min. 3rd step aerobics section 12 min., Rhythmic Step Challenge 9 min. and a 4 min cool down)

Equipment Needed:

The only equipment needed for this video is a step.

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