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Power Hour Exercise Video Download

Power Hour Exercise Video Download $10.97

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Length: 63 Minutes

File Size: 870 MB


This total body muscular endurance workout is sure to leave no muscle untouched or under worked.  To get the maximum benefits out of this workout, you’ll need an adjustable barbell and various weighted dumbbells.  We’re sure that you will love the new and unique soundtrack that was specifically created for this energizing workout too.  The workout is tightly choreographed to 10 songs.  You’ll begin with a warm up song, and then each song following that will target a major muscle group at a time and work it to exhaustion.  To do this, each muscle group will engage in high repetitions and a series of various weighted movement patterns for the duration of a song.  To get superior results, you will need to find the most challenging weight possible that allows you to complete each song yet still maintain good form and alignment.  You’ll complete the workout with a relaxing stretch.  This workout promotes good posture, improved muscle tone, strengthens your core region (the body’s center of power), and promotes functional fitness.  It is an all around winner workout!

Power Hour Format:

warm-up 5 1/2 min, strength training exercises 40 min., Abs 6 min., Stretch 3 min.)

Equipment Needed:

This video requires a step, 4′ to 5′ barbell and various dumbbells.

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