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Pocket Projector for iPhone 4® Let’s You View Your Cathe Downloads Anywhere

CatheOnProjectorHow would you like a way of watching your CatheDownload videos from your iPhone 4 or 4S, anywhere, projected up to a size of 50” on a wall? It is already possible! Take a look at the Pocket Projector for iPhone 4® that is available from Brookstone ( Developed by Texas Instruments, the projector uses an LED lamp (like the LED flash on the phone itself, but brighter) to display your workout videos on any surface. You are no longer limited to the small iPhone screen when you are away from your television set. Here at Cathe dot Com, we envision this being useful to take with you on vacation in hotel rooms, for at the gym for instructor-less workouts, at work for a lunchtime exercise session, and to use in an empty room at home when the kids are using all the televisions. You can now move to the basement or garage for some extra room for Cathe’s more active and space-consuming workouts!

The Pocket Projector works with many of the native iPhone 4 apps, such as YouTube and Photos, and most importantly, Videos. It is with this app that you play your CatheDownload exercise videos, or the workouts that you have created in the Workout Blender. (Just in case you are wondering, it will play videos other than Cathe’s, too!) The case that wraps around the phone also contains a 2100mAh battery that powers the projector, but when fully-charged also serves as a back-up battery for your iPhone. It also contains a speaker and a focus adjustment so that you can control the image clarity. Looks like the only thing missing is a remote control! Visit this website to find more options.

So how much does this convenience cost you (or your family—it looks like it will make a great present!)? The projector will set you back $230 directly from Brookstone and starts to ship on the 16th of November, however they are now accepting pre-orders. We may be tempted to get one for ourselves here in the Cathe offices—if we do we’ll let you know our opinions of its performance!