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Perfect30 Perfect HIIT

Perfect30 Perfect HIIT $19.97

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You are purchasing a digital download, not a physical DVD.

Perfect HIIT contains two workouts:

High Impact HIIT

This intense, high impact routine will challenge your speed and stamina as we jump, jack, and sweat our way through new and exciting HIIT drills. There’s no time to waste and no equipment required, so let’s get in, get serious and get that heart pumping!

Low Impact HIIT

This solid cardio, low impact routine will take you through a series of tough cardio blasts and agility drills to keep your heart pumping while remaining easy on your joints. Get ready to burn some serious calories in just 30 minutes! This workout requires no equipment, so push play and get busy!

High Impact HIIT Details

  • Warm Up – 4:43
  • Main Program – 23:50
  • Stretch – 2:16
  • Total – 30:49

Low Impact HIIT Details

  • Warm Up – 5:14
  • Main Program – 22:33
  • Stretch – 3:04
  • Total – 30:51

This workout also includes the following bonuses:

  • Pyramid HIIT Bonus – 12:01
  • Extended Stretch Bonus – 8:17

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