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Maximum Intensity Cardio Workout Download

Maximum Intensity Cardio Workout Download $7.97

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Length: 73 Minutes

File Size: 1013 MB


Maximum Intensity Cardio is a 70 minute advanced aerobic/step workout with the emphasis on aerobics and endurance.

The first half of this video will challenge your cardiovascular system with a super charged high/low impact routine. The intensity of the hi/low starts out with moderate moves that rapidly get more intense. This section finishes with very challenging intervals that will test the endurance of even the advanced exerciser. The step portion of the workout continues to have cardiovascular demanding moves, but shifts your energy into a non-stop aggressive step workout.

This step section will consist of three combinations that gradually become more intense by layering on power and variation. Your Mind and body will love this cross-training combination. Mentally you are able to keep pushing because you shift your focus to a new movement style to free you from repetition.

As always, Cathe saves the best for last, as she concludes with an all out step interval blast that will leave no doubt on why this video is called ìMaximum Intensityî. This workout should be alternated with Maximum Intensity Strength for a complete and balanced workout.

Maximum Intensity Cardio Format:

warm-up 7 min., Hi/Low aerobics 26 min., Step aerobics 33 min., Stretch 4.5 min.

Equipment Needed:

The only equipment needed for this video is a step.

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