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065 Legs & Glutes

065 Legs & Glutes $9.97

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You are purchasing a digital download, not a physical DVD.

This workout shares some similarities to the DVD however we will add a few leg blasts to the workout & also eliminate the use of ankle weights. Expect to burn fat, build stamina and shape & tone your entire lower body….most especially your legs and glutes. A high step with the ability to go as high as four risers under the platform. We will pretty much be using three risers but have a fourth ready to go in case you want to take any exercise higher.;

A set of 12’s and a set of 15’s for handweights (have slightly heavier or lighter on hand if you think you might need it); a broomstick, pole or unloaded barbell

56 minutes

*Most Cathe Live download files are between 1 and 3 gigabytes each. Make sure you have enough room on your storage device. **Cathe Live downloads don’t contain chapters or premixes. All sales are final.

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