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Interval Max Workout Video Download

Interval Max Workout Video Download $10.97

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Length: 64 Minutes

File Size: 882 MB


No tricky choreography in this video. Just all-out-intense intervals.
IntervalMax is a 60 minute tape based on the interval training concept. This workout will improve your cardiovascular fitness level and boost your metabolism, therefore allowing you to burn more total calories.

The workout consists of  a 13 min. warm – up followed by a mini step routine. It then continues with 10 intervals each lasting 3 to 4 min. Each interval has an aerobic, an anaerobic phase and a recovery phase. These intervals are not only extremely challenging but easy to learn and fun to do. The workout concludes with a relaxing stretch.The soundtrack (Provided by Dynamix) in this tape is all instrumental, very upbeat and full of variety.

Interval Max Format:

warm-up 13 min, step aerobic intervals 38 min.,cool down 3 min, stretch 6 min

Equipment Needed:

The only equipment needed for this video is a step.

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