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Intensity Series: Pyramid Lower Body Fitness Video Download

Intensity Series: Pyramid Lower Body Fitness Video Download $10.97

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Length: 52 Minutes

File Size: 719 MB


Designed to increase lean muscle mass, shape, and sculpt your legs, this lower body weight training program focuses on the full pyramid system as well as super sets to maximize your potential. As an added bonus, the workout is divided into two parts (standing work and floorwork) which conveniently lends itself to be done on different days if preferred.  Also, the floorwork will incorporate the use of a stability ball and ankle weights to uniquely challenge your muscles in new ways.

Pyramid Lower Body Format:

warm-up (4 1/2  min.), lower body weight training (28 min.), Stability Ball- Legs & Glutes (13 min.), Stretch (4 min.) Total = 49 1/2  min

Equipment Needed:

a tall bench, barbell, various weighted dumbbells, stability ball, and ankle weights (we will use five pound ankle weights).

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