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Intensity Series: Boot Camp Exercise Video Download

Intensity Series: Boot Camp Exercise Video Download $10.97

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Length: 61 Minutes

File Size: 842 MB


Hang on to your hats because there is literally not a minute to waste in this head to toe fitness workout. With every 60 seconds that tick by, you’ll be jumping, pumping, pushing, and crunching your way to a fitter you. We won’t promise any fancy military talk here, but we will promise a fancy military press…did somebody say “terminators”, yikes! Load up, lace up, and let’s go!

Boot Camp Format:

warm-up (5 1/2 min.), eight cycles of cardio, lower body, upper body, core (51 min.), stretch (1 1/2 min.) Total = 58 min.

Equipment Needed:

a 14 inch tall bench (High Step), a barbell, various weighted dumbbells, and a medicine ball (we will use an 8 pound medicine ball)

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