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Hardcore Series – Low Max Exercise Video Download

Hardcore Series – Low Max Exercise Video Download $11.97

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Length: 70 Minutes

File Size: 970 MB

Low Max is a High Intensity, Low Impact workout performed on an 8 inch step height (this height is optional and no higher than 8 inches is recommended). The workout begins with an 8 minute warm up and is followed by 7 low impact step combo’s alternated with 7 low impact intensity blasts. A 6 minute stretch completes the workout. All of the step combo’s are approximately 5 minutes in length and all of the intensity blasts are approximately 3 minutes in length. The combo’s are broken down with just enough learning curve so that they do not become overly repetitive for future workouts.


By Bk Howe Productions. A mix of mostly recognizable top 40, dance, and club music. Both instrumental and lyrical mixes make this upbeat and energetic soundtrack a perfect compliment to the workout.

Equipment Needed:

You will only need a step to do this workout

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