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Hardcore Series – Kick Max Exercise Video Download

Hardcore Series – Kick Max Exercise Video Download $11.97

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Length: 76 Minutes

File Size: 1030 MB


Kick Max is approximately 70 minutes in length and is broken up into the following segments.

Warm Up (12 minutes) A nice extended warm up which will incorporate the basic kick and punches into movement patterns plus incorporate new movement patterns designed to enhance your balance and flexibility.

Kick and Punch Combo’s
(22 minutes) Similar to the format of KPC’s segment, you will now do 4 combinations which feature a punching combo combined with a kicking combo. The first combo is more elementary and each one after that will gradually become more intricate to keep you challenged and working hard. As I tell all of my students during these types of combo’s “you get out of it what you put in to it” so be sure to really “punch the punch” and “kick the kick” Btw, we’ll have our hands wrapped for this segment but this is not required.

Kickbox/Bootcamp challenge
(15 minutes) Here you will do 10 high impact conditioning drills (some more intense than others). You will recognize most of the moves in this segment since the purpose is to quickly “see it and do it”. This segment provides the bonus burn for those who are wanting a hardcore, calorie burning, challenge. Good news for those who are not interested in this segment….simply skip to leg conditioning drills and you still get a close to an hour kickbox workout.

Leg Conditioning Drills (18 minutes) “OUCHIE”, best describes how you will feel during these drills (Don’t worry, it gets just a little easier with each and every workout. This segment is designed to shape your legs while enhancing your kicking skills and flexibility. The more skilled and flexible you become, the more efficient your future workouts will be. You will do conditioning drills for the round/side kicks and hip flexor and front kicks. You will also do slow motion side, round, front snap, and front thrust kicks to really get a feel for them. A chair is required for this segment.

Stretch a 6 minute relaxing stretch will complete this challenging workout.


Provided by Music Flex and is all instrumental. There is a constant driving down beat behind all of the upbeat songs. We enjoyed the music.

Equipment Needed:

No equipment is necessary for this workout.

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