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Hardcore Series – Imax 3 Exercise Video Download

Hardcore Series – Imax 3 Exercise Video Download $11.97

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Length: 59 Minutes

File Size: 819 MB


This is a fast paced 60 minute workout consisting of a 9 minute warm up, 10 mini step combo’s alternated with 10 interval blasts, and a cool down complete with a stretch. For the most part, each step combo will be familiar moves put together in a refreshing way. A couple of new moves will be mixed in here and there to keep you on your toes. Keeping with tradition, the 32 count step combo’s will each be repeated 6 times before moving into the intensity blasts. The intensity blasts are at times longer than the step combo’s themselves. Each blast consists of a combination of about 2 to 3 intense moves (per blast) that repeats itself about 4 times (per blast) and gradually brings you to your lactate threshold. You will find that all the blasts vary in length and intensity keeping your muscles challenged and inspired. To really up the overall challenge, we have even reduced the recovery time between some of the “milder” intervals. A cool down will follow the last blast and then a relaxing stretch will complete the workout.


By Bk Howe Productions. A mix of mostly recognizeable top 40, dance, and club music. Just as in Low Max, both instrumental and lyrical mixes make this upbeat and energetic sountrack a perfect compliment to the workout.

Equipment Needed:

You will only need a step to do this workout

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