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Body Blast Series – Step, Jump & Pump Workout Video Download

Body Blast Series – Step, Jump & Pump Workout Video Download $11.97

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Length: 73 Minutes

File Size: 1017 MB


Step, Pump, & Jump is a 73 minute workout that keeps you energized from start to finish. After your warm up, you’ll do a 16 minute step routine that is packed with choreography (some new, some familiar). Each of the songs in this segment has it own unique routine that fits to the music. As soon as it is finished, you’ll slide the step out of the way and begin your hi/lo circuit workout. This segment is 40 minutes long. You’ll do 5 minutes of easy-to-follow hi/lo followed by 5 minutes of thorough weight training. I’ve chosen to keep the cardio simple, yet upbeat and intense, since it is short and therefore not much time to get involved in a complex routine. The very last cardio segment, however, is mostly all low impact (with a bit of a dance flair) as you begin to bring the heart rate down. After the 40 minute circuit, you’ll conclude your workout with abs (no equipment needed) and a stretch.

Equipment Needed:

a step bench, various weighted dumbbells, barbell

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