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Body Blast Series – Legs & Glutes Workout Video Download

Body Blast Series – Legs & Glutes Workout Video Download $11.97

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Length: 52 Minutes

File Size: 720 MB


Legs and Glutes is a 51 minute comprehensive lower body workout that incorporates traditional and non-traditional exercises as well as standing and floor exercises to strengthen and shape the leg and glute area. You will experience new and refreshing exercises all performed in unique ways (ie: heavy weight, no weight, with equipment, without equipment, fast reps, slow reps, bonus reps, rhythmic reps etc.). Be ready to get set and go as there is very little rest time between the exercises. This is definitely one to watch ahead of time and know what you’ll need to do have and handy. The sound track is a lot of fun too. It features many classic songs.

Equipment Needed:

a High Step, various weighted dumbbells, and ankle weights

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